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Liquor License San Diego

Liquor license San Diego

Do you own a restaurant or café and you don’t serve alcohol, then you might be missing out on a profitable component of your business? Many people like alcohol and it's one of the most profitable businesses not only in San Diego but globally. However, it's a state requirement to have a liquor license before you start selling the alcoholic drinks. Getting a liquor license in San Diego, it’s a process, and you may not get it if you don’t meet the set requirements. We are the best license consultation agency in town, and we will help you get the permit within the shortest time possible. You don’t have to suspend your important activities to look for a license.

What are the critical questions to ask yourself before applying for a liquor license in San Diego?
Typically, you need to do your research and understand how the liquor license will be beneficial to your business. California is a very strict state when it comes to the selling of liquor. Therefore you need to check first how the process works and whether you qualify for the license. Ask yourself the following questions before coming to our facility;

What type of liquor license suits your existing or new business?
Two of the most common liquor license types in San Diego for cafes or restaurants include;

1. Type 41, which permits you to sell only wine and beer in your business.
2. Type 47, this license allows you to sell beer, hard liquor, and wine.
3. A vital state requirement that you must have is that your cafeteria must be a “bona fide eating place” to qualify for any of the two liquor license types. The “bona fide” eating place means that your restaurant must include a suitable kitchen equipped to serve everyday meals and prove that about 51% of your gross sales are from meals.

What local permit do you need to serve alcohol in your restaurant?
Before you get the liquor license, the ABC requires that you get the zoning permits that your local municipality might need. The zoning permits in San Diego are known as Conditional Use Permits (CUP). Although the CUP process may take place at the same time with the state process, it’s a different permit you need to get the state liquor license. The CUP licenses the serving of alcohol on the business and can be used in the future in case the business changes ownership. On the other hand, a liquor license in San Diego allows you to sell alcoholic beverages at a specific area. The moment you have your liquor license, you can bring it on, if you want to relocate your business.

How many restaurants are selling liquor in your area?
In San Diego, both the ABC and local municipalities are keen on monitoring the number of cafes or restaurants selling liquor within census tracts. The bodies are mandated to control the sale of liquor and issues licenses in consideration of population ratio. Crime rates are closely associated with alcoholism. Therefore if the crime rate in your area exceeds 20%, there might be more restrictions in issuing a liquor license.
To make the process smooth, you only need to call us, and we will help you. We have experts who understand the whole process, and they will advise you accordingly.

Liquor License San Diego
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