Is Fresh Craft Beer Important?

We at Growler Grips already know the answer and it’s “yes”, fresh craft beer is very important. You’re out of town and decide to stop at a brewery or bottle shop that you heard had some amazing craft beers. Typically you stop and fill up a normal growler and you will end up drinking the entire thing that night (or on your ride home 😉 ) just so it does not go bad.
That is where Growler Grips comes in. Our Growler Gasket cap is heavy duty and more importantly will keep your beer fresh for 2+ weeks….Yep that’s correct “2+ weeks” so you no longer need to down that growler the minute you get it. As a matter of fact you can now fill up 2 or 3 while you make a stop and you will no longer have the problem of them going bad.
Not only that but you can purchase from our vast selection of growler medallions to put on the top of each of your Growler Gasket caps to show a little about yourself….And while you‘r e at it, you might as well grab a Growler Grasp to carry all those growlers around with you in the future….They are durable and cool looking and makes carrying them much easier.….