If you have not been to San Diego CA and visited the breweries then you don’t know what you are missing. There are numerous breweries in San Diego CA along with many more opening in the near future. Some of the more prominent ones are: AleSmith Brewing Company, Societe Brewing Company, Mission Brewery, Green Flash Brewing and many others.

Not only is San Diego CA an amazing place to visit with all the attractions in the area but it is a growing each month with new breweries popping up.

Now you don’t want to look like everyone else there walking around with just plain growlers so that is where we come in. Feel free to browse our extensive  line of Growler Gasket products that way when you hit San Diego CA you will be in style….Some of the main points of our Growler Gasket are:

“Seal Keeps Beer Fresh for 2+ Weeks

Heavy Duty 6061 Aircraft-grade aluminum construction

Easy Removal for Periodic Cleaning (Zero Bacteria)

Not only does our Growler Gasket products provide what is mentioned above but you can also style your product with our customized medallions. Grab a few of them.  and switch them out based on the way you are feeling that day….We have everything from military medallions, police medallions, firefighter medallions, hops medallions and more...


The patent pending GrowlerGasket™ lets you easily upgrade the most common jug-style growler with an improved gasket that seals in freshness.
Your beer deserves it!

Want even more awesomeness? Our premium versions allow for a personalized touch with an interchangeable feature which allows you to easily swap medallions in and out thanks to a crazy-strong neodymium magnet.