Growler Fill

What is a growler fill? That is a very good question and the simple answer is a growler fill is when you take your favorite growler to get filled at your brewery of choice.

There are many benefits to getting a growler fill;

Easy way to transport beer…..very important

Bring home beer from your favorite brewery…..very important

Share your beer…..we do not recommend that 😉

Make sure when you get a growler fill that the growler you take with you had been cleaned properly. Now the person filling the growler should rinse it out prior to getting that special beer in it but why chance it with a dirty growler. Take a few minutes to make sure ahead of time.

A growler fill should give you at least 32oz or 64oz of your selection when done. I also read something that with a growler fill “assume that the growler is going to be flat within 24 hours”…WHAT!!!! That is not correct or at least it’s not correct if you use a Growler Gasket” with your growler fill. Our product makes sure your beer stays fresh for WEEKS!

Who wants to go on a vacation and then when you take those few minutes away from the family to pick up a few items (cough cough) and go about getting that growler fill then need to worry about downing it before getting back to the family vacation……Nobody wants that kind of pressure. So make sure you have all the supplies you need ahead of time and that way after the vacation you can do a mini vacation of your own and appreciate that growler fill that you just had to have.

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