Growler Caps are typically what is referred to as the top that goes on a growler. In the case go GrowlerGrips growler caps are actually called Growler Gaskets….We will explain in a bit what that means.
Growler caps are typically made of metal and just screws on your growler to seal in your beer (or so you think)…But, in reality a growler caps are not going to keep your beer fresh at all and that is why we developed the Growler Gasket. With a regular growler caps over time they become corroded and i’m sure we have all seen just how nasty they can get. Nobody wants to pour a beer out of a growler that has a rusty growler cap on it.
A Growler Gasket unlike growler caps is made specifically to make sure your beer stays fresh for the longest possible time. Our Growler Gasket is made specifically for the craft beer lover and to make sure your beer stays fresh for a longer period of time. When you are out and about or on a vacation you don’t want to have to think about cleaning your growler caps before getting some of your favorite beer poured in your growler. Your number one concern should be how many growlers can I get filled before I have to leave 😉
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