BrewPub Program

Your top-quality craft brews deserve to be served out of the highest quality vessels with a personal touch! We will help you design a custom medallion for your brewpub and permanently or interchangeably install it on our GrowlerGasket™.

Everyone Loves Fresh Beer

Typical caps for jug-style growlers are uninspired. They have poorly-sealing, paper-thin gaskets that are notorious for weathering and growing bacteria. They certainly don’t give your artfully crafted beer the freshness-preserving-love that it deserves!

Our GrowlerGasket finds that to be unacceptable. This patent-pending product seals in the suds so well because it is 100 % airtight. Our test show that your beer will stay fresh when unopened for weeks.

We have spoken to thousands of patrons at all the brew fests we have attended who own this style of growler. Everyone knows their beer goes flat in 24 – 36 hours. Many people tell us they don’t even fill their growlers anymore because they know they won’t have time to consume it that fast and are tired of wasting money by having to pour flat beer down the drain.

Brewers are losing sales and patrons are disappointed that they can’t take home a growler of great craft beer and drink it at a later time like three to five or even ten days when they have time to enjoy their beer. It frees them up from the anxiety and pressure of having to drink their favorite beers in 24 -36 hours.

Promote with Pride

We will help you design custom medallions for your brand or your beers — or even big events.  The medallions are installed permanently or interchangeably in the cavity of a GrowlerGasket.

Show your patrons you truly care about how they experience your artfully American Crafted Beer and provide them with the option they need for the ultimate beer experience – The GrowlerGasket!

We are having many return customers who are purchasing additional GrolwerGaskets so they can fill multiple growlers at one time. Knowing they have a two week window when to drink their growlers will keep them coming back for more of your fresh tasting beer!

September we are bringing out a new version of the GrowlerGasket with a better price point for all you Brew Pubs and Bottle Shops and Growler fill stations. Same perfect seal just less expensive.


Why Does It Work?

  • Instantly upgrades your inferior growler caps
  • Silicone gasket promotes zero bacteria growth
  • The GrowlerGasket keeps beer as fresh for weeks
  • Enjoy great taste on the second day pour (once opened) too!
  • Celebrate company events with new medallion designs
  • Create medallions that represent your line of beer
  • Achieve brand growth with a unique marketing tool
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Reusable cap is environmentally friendly

Help Your Patrons Carry Their Beer

Make it easy for your patrons to carry their growlers filled with your delightful craft beer home with them! The GrowlerGrasp™ locks into the finger hole of jug-style growlers and connects to the craft beer enthusiast’s wrist.

It’s also ideal when you need to carry more than one!

We will help you create a custom GrowlerGrasp with your branding on it — your customers will appreciate the helping hand!

Download Details Here

Want more literature? Grab this detailed PDF and review the program highlights offline. Contact us when you're ready to stand out from the growd!